Kids Motorbike Leather SUit

Mini Moto Kids Girls Motorbike Motorcycle Leather Suit & Jacket

Ride a kids bike:

How to ride a dirt bike to teaching your child may be a better activity. From vocation to trail riding, there is a lot of fun to be had on two wheels. One of the best ways to keep a child safe when riding a motorcycle is to make sure that they are riding to a dirt bike gear. In this era we have opportunity to find same quality and also best protection level e.g. Motorbike Leather Suit and Motorbike Leather Jacket with CE Approved Armour.

Buy Kids Motorbike Suit:

When you are shopping to your selection of motorcycle racing gear you must find everything from Royal Leather UK. The royal leather brand also has kids’ safety gears such as chest protectors, knees braces and elbow guards. We offer a wide selection of kids’ bike gears. We offer all gears in Cowhide and Kangaroo Leather. It’s all your choice. The best thing is you can ask for any customisation on your kids suit. For example, you can ask made to measure size, any color combination, any logo and patches on items.

If you are buying for the track, you’ve established that a full-body motorcycle race suit would be best. However, now that you’ve made that determination, you must decide whether you want to go with the full-body suit or the two-piece, connect jacket with trouser via zipper. From safety and convenience stand-points one-piece motorbike leather suit beats out the two-piece motorbike leather suit on both counts.

Difference between 1 piece and 2 piece motorbike leather suit?

For one, when you wear a one-piece sport bike suit, you are protected by one continuous piece of leather. If you wear a two-piece suit connected by a zipper, that “continuous” piece is broken up by a zipper. At the end of the day, a continuous piece of leather is going to be much stronger when put to the test than a plastic or even metal set of teeth.

That’s not to say that a two-piece motorcycle leather suit will rip apart at the first signs of distress. Many children have crashed while wearing two-piece track suits without an issue. However, after two or three crashes, the zipper may become weak or damaged and eventually might need to be replaced. The fix can be costly and, after so many replacements, it may make more sense to just invest in a new suit.

In terms of convenience, the one-piece track suit is easier because it has the one zipper straight down from the neck to the thigh. If you have to go to the bathroom, need to make a quick change or simply need to open your suit for a bit of a breather, you can do so much more easily than if you had a two-piece. You can also zip back up much more quickly, which is nice when you need to take a bathroom break between races.
One of the only true pitfalls of a one-piece track suit is comfort. Many people feel constricted wearing the one-piece, while others’ body shapes simply don’t fit comfortably within the ensemble. If you do opt to buy a one-piece, you should only do so after trying a few on.

Royal Leather UK is offering fully custom made leather suits and jackets for Men’s, Women and Kids (Unisex). You can get all safety gears from us. We are offering 20% flat discount on selected items in this New year. We offer worldwide delivery (Europe, Spain, Germany, Italy, USA, Brazil) from UK. Free delivery in UK.


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